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Granite is a natural stone, abyssal rock coming to the surface. Most of its parts form hard layers of Earth crust. It is much harder than marble. Its hardness ranges between 6 and 7 of the Mohs scale; it has high density and high level of resistance. Granite is composed of several mineral constituents. The basic constituents are flint (35%) and spar (40%). It is spar which defines the color of granite. Generally, granite stone is grey with a tint of blue, but it may also be pink, yellow or red. The main feature of granite is its grains. It may be coarse, medium or fine grained. Small and medium granite stones have lower porosity, therefore their resistance or rigidity is higher.

Due to its outstanding features, the granite is sometimes called “eternal stone”. It has high resistance to the actions of heat, contamination, and it is almost totally impervious. For that reason this natural stone is a symbol of firmness and endurance, and it is widely used in construction. Practical features and pleasing appearance of granite open up new creative opportunities for designers and architects, and enable them to bring the most daring projects to life. Granite may be used in wide range of equipment, for interior decoration and exterior finish. It makes possible the design of separate compositions in landscape architecture; natural stone is a symbol of tranquility, stability and harmony. The only disadvantage of granite is its heavy weight; it refers to materials which are most difficult to process. But such only downside is unable to obscure the variety of advantages of granite as a material.

Granite Mining Methods

Granite deposits are found in various regions of the Czech Republic, but the deposits of Gabbro granite are concentrated mostly in Požáry.

The mining method has a significant impact on the quality of granite. The most common current methods of mining in the Czech Republic are the following: blasting, detaching by “air cushion” and so-called stone sawing method.

Blasting. Firstly, a deep hole is drilled in the stone, and an explosive cartridge is loaded into it. After blast the largest stones are wailed and cut into granite blocks. This method is very low-cost, but 25-30% of the stone remain in unused waste (remains). Additionally, the blast may cause microfractures affecting firmness of the stone to be mined in future.

Detaching by “air cushion”. A hole is drilled in the stone where a tank is located which is filled with air under high pressure. During such process the granite layer is detached gradually. This process is staged and controlled and, therefore, it reduces the possibility of cracking and volume of granite waste unsuitable for use.

Stone sawing. Stone sawing is the most expensive, but the most favorite method of granite mining. This mining method eliminates the risk of cracking, significantly upgrades the quality of stone, and prevents the formation of useless remains under exploitation.

Our Deposit

Abakron Company owns the granite quarry in Požáry near Prague. Extraction and production of granite in this quarry is carried out in accordance with mining permits. This deposit is filled with fine grained granite of grey coloring. This grade of granite is used in road construction, production of curb or paving pebble, exterior finish, and paving of squares and embankments. You can buy granite blocks or produce granite products in our company at the attractive prices.

Curb for Motorways

Curb for motorways is one of the main elements in road construction. It is designed for carriageway reinforcement. It delimits beginning and ending of roadway. The most appropriate material for motorways curbs is granite as it has a range of extraordinary features, such as firmness, endurance, wear resistance and pleasing appearance. Granite is also resistant to temperature fluctuations; its color does not fade in the sun.

The Prosečnice quarry successfully manufactures and sales motorway curbs, paving stones for private or tourist cottages and nearby gardens. We produce curbs of different faces and textures, sizes, depending on requirements of each customer. This allows producing the curbs which would perfectly fit to the selected place either in city and suburban locations.

We guarantee the best price and manufacturing ratios. You can order road curb on-line or by telephone.

Pebble or Paving Stone

Granite pebble or paving stone is suitable material for road construction and landscape architecture. Stone pebbles have similar form and size, and are used to produce blocks – the stone paving. Granite blocks may have different texture: chopped, cut, polished, chopped and cut, and heat treated. The size of stone cuttings may also be different: the customer is provided with opportunity to choose the size. Compared with other types of road pavement (asphalt, concrete), granite blocks have the following advantages:

  • firmness (granite is four times firmer than concrete);
  • long life cycle;
  • resistance to mechanical and chemical stress, to acts of nature;
  • it distributes load better;
  • it has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Stone blocks are usually used in:

  • construction of urban objects (monuments, parks, squares, embankments, pavements; offices, shops and trade centers; cathedrals, parking lots, etc.);
  • designs of suburban landscaping (sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, recreation and tourist spaces, etc.).

Abakron company successfully manufactures and sales stone blocks for construction of roads, sidewalks and other communications; construction of urban and suburban facilities and for other purposes. Own production is carried out with the use of up-to-date methods of stone mining and processing. We guarantee the best price and manufacturing ratios for this product. You can order road curb on-line or by telephone. » Useful information