Granite Quarry Prosečnice

The PROSEČNICE Quarry (former Dolní Požáry) which belongs to ABAKRON Company follows the long existing tradition of mining famous Požársky granite. In the quarry, which is located near Prague we are quarrying excellent gray granite and operate stone elaborated manufactures. In our offer you can find a number of classical granite products. For example, granite paving stones in various sizes (from mosaics to large paving stones), road borders, granite bars, granite masonry, granite blocks, gutter stones, granite boulders or garden standing stones. Furthermore, we supply unsorted quarry stones as well as granite fragments. Newly we supply also crushed stones of different factions.

  • Granite quarry is located near Prague – structural stones and granite products within the reach of your construction.
  • Modern mining equipment, machines and tools for elaboration of the stones, professional staff.
  • Traditional assortment of the granite constructions directly from the manufacturer. Fast delivery, competitive prices.
  • Protocols with the tests results are available on request. The quality of the stone products is provided for us from independent external laboratory.
  • Price offers are always calculated with consideration to your requirements. All prices in our price list are written including details of any additional services. Offer can include the material without transportation or supply the materials from our quarry directly to you construction.
  • An option of realization of your project by leading customers of the company Abakron.

Support of the employment – we are increasing the employment rate of the region by providing many different working places in various positions on the quarrying and stone production. The combination of the traditional methods of stone processing and the modern production technologies offers an exciting work chances and opportunities to gain further expertise in this field.

We place an accent on careful planning and carefully ensure the balance between the need for raw materials and environmental protection. In the highest possible rate we process lower-quality stones which are emerging from uncovering of the bearings and also we recycle wastes from stone production. By minimizing the amount of leftover material sent to landfill and continuous improvement of production technology we limit the negative effects of the surroundings and contribute to environmental protection.

The Prosečnice quarry – structural granite in Prague and Central Bohemia.